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Short answer: No difference.

Do you prefer the long answer instead?

Girl, we gotchu 😎

Original Silk Exfoliating Gloves are typically made from the fibrous material produced by silkworms, which is not treated with any chemicals or additives. This is what we call "raw silk". On the other hand, Vegan Silk Exfoliating Gloves are made from a synthetic material designed to replicate the texture and feel of silk, without using any animal products. Yes, you read that right. Lotus flower is able to give us human race all the silk goodies.

In terms of exfoliating properties, both types of glove can effectively remove dead skin cells and improve skin texture. Both are painless too, you'd feel nothing. Literally, none is better than the other. We are all equal here. #equalityforall

However, original silk gloves may have a slightly coarser texture. Just a teeeeny tiny bit. Pinky promise. 

*Puts on scientist suit* This is because... *cough* original silk is textured and 'grippy'. Due to its nature, and it being unprocessed, it is not slippy like the silk charmeuse material that we use to make dresses.

Despite it all, once wet, both gloves will shrink and hence give you the same exact texture.

Ultimately, the choice between original silk and vegan silk exfoliating gloves may come down to personal preference and ethical considerations. Original silk gloves are a natural, biodegradable option, but vegan silk gloves offer a cruelty-free alternative that may be more aligned with certain ethical principles. 

For first time user, we highly recommend getting the Original Silk Exfoliating Glove as it is the exact same glove that has been used by the Turkish for centuries. This is only if you want to go back in time and live through the authentic hammam experience.

If you're vegan, fret not! We've got all our vegan babes covered! 🫢🏻

Hope this helps!