**Blog Post Coming Soon** 

It has been brought to our attention that there are parties who sell "Silk Exfoliators" at a cheaper price and claim that the material is of 100% silk. This has caused confusion experienced by many, and some even felt the excitement because they felt as if they had "hit the jackpot" for being able to purchase 100% real silk exfoliator at a way lower price.

Thus, we will making a post about this soon to explain the various silk grade available in the market. One thing for sure, real silk stays true to its name; it will forever remain silky smooth and will never form fuzzballs. Authentic silk exfoliators will also never be priced half or even a quarter of our market price. As a company that has vast experience in silk, we have seen the complexity of silk production firsthand and we only engage with legitimate/authorized parties to be our sole manufacturer. We take pride in our knowledge and we are confident to attest to the truth of our statement; no real silk material is cheap. Therefore, any purchases made out there that is half our market price, is definitely not the authentic Turkish silk.

Please stay tuned for our upcoming post.